Hirdaya tells me that all of my meditation experiences are valid and correct. That I'm 100% ok just as I am. In her boundless warmth and gentleness I can dare to consider that this may be true. And briefly step through to a place of ever deepening peace, love, even bliss. She gives me the courage to keep trying. And slowly my view of my reality is profoundly shifting.
Gary Fettis


  • Have you ever had a moment when you felt a sense of peaceful fulfillment for no reason and wished it could last forever?
  • Have you ever thought that maybe there is more to you, and to life, than what you have experienced?
  • Have you ever had questions you couldn’t find answers for, or faced situations where you didn’t know how to act?
  • Have you ever wondered why you seem to be more worried as an adult than you were as a child?

If you have had even a hint of these kinds of thoughts, then you are already meditating. Meditation is the awareness that has been with you your whole life, only you haven’t been trained to recognize it. Meditation is your natural state, your guiding awareness, your own unchanging nature of happiness and peace. It manifests in your waking state mind in the form of an inquiry— an inquiry as simple as: How can I be happier? More at peace? Less worried? The answer to these questions—happiness, peace, and freedom from worry—lies waiting within you. The technique, understanding, and practice of meditation will help you recognize and tap into your natural inner state of awareness, so that you can use it in your daily life—moment to moment—to create clarity, peace, and happiness for yourself and those around you.


The benefits of meditation include:

  • a sense of inner peace
  • an enhanced perspective
  • removal of worry, anxiety, doubt and confusion
  • a greater capacity to meet the demands of daily life
  • a clearer sense of who you really are
What is Satsang?
Satsang literally means ‘in the company of truth.’ Wherever like-minded people gather with the common purpose of expanding their understanding of who they are and what reality is through inquiry, discussion, and meditation, that is satsang. Freedom is always the basis of satsang and since freedom never begins with bondage, our sessions are filled with lightness, joy, laughter, and peace. Our discussions, songs, and meditation are deeply relevant to your own inner journey, releasing all sense of stress and un-clarity, and unfolding the fulfillment and liberation that is our true nature.