Online Sessions
Timeless wisdom and techniques from the Himalayas

  • Bring meditation and higher thinking into your daily life
  • Ask questions, get practical answers and techniques
  • Obtain wise personal guidance
  • Create a regular meditation practice
  • Develop, maintain and mature your existing practice
  • Strengthen your inner awareness
  • Learn to apply clarity and freedom in all your life situations to create more peace, happiness and fulfillment for you and your world


Hirdaya’s satsangs, meditation workshops and gatherings create the guru space, a space which allows the guru in all of us to safely connect and emerge. She is able to facilitate an environment that calls forward that state which we all possess, but often cannot access on our own. Hirdaya communicates deep knowledge about who we really are – translated for us and interpreted for our western mind set – based on ancient knowledge that she has been steeped in for over 40 years with her Guru and her community in India. I have had the good fortune and grace to have studied with Hirdaya for over 10 years. I continue to attend every session she offers when I can. This knowledge is limitless and Hirdaya is able to provide a direct conduit, in a direct and tangible way, to the universal state that is truly who we are, and who we’ve always been. The rest is up to you.
Eileen Wilson

  I can say without a doubt, that years of practicing with Hirdaya have had a profound impact on my life. Hirdaya holds the space like few others. Being in satsang with Hirdaya draws one into that same space of oneness and develops a strong community of like-minded people. Whether in person or over Skype my connection with Hirdaya never fails to remind me that there is the field of change in the field of the eternal and to call me back to that space of pure, free, forever. Reconnecting with the field of the eternal during our monthly satsang had become an essential part of my life and I recommend Skype sessions with Hirdaya and all of her other offerings to anyone who yearns for true peace and Self realization.
Chris Clancy, Deep Cove, BC

Online Satsang Sessions

Through this regular contact with wisdom, guidance, techniques for meditation and clear thinking, these sessions are designed to support your own inner awareness, freedom, and power, so you can live masterfully in the fulfillment and peace that is your true nature. We use Zoom video conferencing software which is easy to use. A recording of each session is provided for you to listen to at your leisure.


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One Satsang Session

$40 CAD

Twice-a-Month Satsang Group
12 Sessions
Includes recordings of each session

$480 CAD

Once-a-Month Satsang Group
6 Sessions
Includes recordings of each session

$240 CAD
Ultimate Solution for All Times Satsang Workshop
$40 CAD

RRU Six-Session Satsang Series
Includes recordings of each session

RRU Full Series 
$240 (6 x $40) CAD 

RRU Full Series, sliding scale


$120 (6 x $20) - $300 (6 x $50) CAD

RRU One Satsang

$40 CAD


RRU One Satsang, sliding scale


$20 - $50 CAD


One-on-One Online Sessions
One-on-one sessions are completely tailored to your specific needs or questions. Contact me to book a private session. We use Zoom video conferencing software which is easy to use. A recording of each session is provided for you to listen to at your leisure.

Sliding Scale: $135—$170 CAD
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