I have searched and have participated in many different therapies, personal growth workshops, and meditation groups over the last four decades of my life. It wasn’t until I met Heidi that my life purpose finally became clear. Her teachings in Satsang and her particular focus on meditation have now become central to my life. I feel everything I have done has led me to her doorstep. I am filled with gratitude and have such hope for the future.
Mark Plimley

Heidi’s satsangs, meditation workshops and gatherings create the guru space, a space which allows the guru in all of us to safely connect and emerge. She is able to facilitate an environment that calls forward that state which we all possess, but often cannot access on our own. Heidi communicates deep knowledge about who we really are – translated for us and interpreted for our western mind set – based on ancient knowledge that she has been steeped in for over 40 years with her Guru and her community in India. I have had the good fortune and grace to have studied with Heidi for over 10 years. I continue to attend every session she offers when I can. This knowledge is limitless and Heidi is able to provide a direct conduit, in a direct and tangible way, to the universal state that is truly who we are, and who we’ve always been. The rest is up to you.
Eileen Wilson

There are no words to describe how grateful I am for Hirdaya coming into my life. I had been searching my whole life for someone to help bring me back “home” to my true Self and no other teacher has made an impact like she has. Although I’ve had many other teachers, Hirdaya is the only one who has provided me with the highest view of my own Self. Her satsangs are so powerful through her use of clear and precise communication, her angelic chanting, and her ability to bring wisdom to anything that is offered to her. The spiritual path towards enlightenment is very challenging to the human intellect and ego. Hirdaya’s nurturing and caring presence feels like I’m being enfolded into the arms of the Beloved, always encouraging and always supporting me. Satsang has become my food and Hirdaya the instrument. I’m so grateful for her.
Alison Lee

Heidi is the light of my heart! Her teachings are so gently illuminating and the transformation so very welcome. I'm delighted to have spent these wonderful precious moments with the lovely Heidi. 
Brenda Blakely

Heidi tells me that all of my meditation experiences are valid and correct. That I'm 100% ok just as I am. In her boundless warmth and gentleness I can dare to consider that this may be true. And briefly step through to a place of ever deepening peace, love, even bliss. She gives me the courage to keep trying. And slowly my view of my reality is profoundly shifting.
Gary Fettis

Heidi is the kind of teacher we have all been looking for on our personal journey - she brings love, wisdom, humour, compassion and real life grit to every Satsang session.  She models the ‘way’ and yet is completely supportive without judgment as each of us realizes our own path.  If you are looking for real understanding or to go deeper with your practice, I highly recommend Heidi and her Satsang teaching.
Scott Orth

Before meeting Heidi I was interested in meditation, was certain it would benefit my life, but my lack of understanding made it difficult to practice. After the first Satsang gathering I attended with you I felt a quiet excitement that here was someone who was able to discuss meditation on a level that made sense to me; here was a beginning. Every time since then that we’ve come together my understanding deepens. I’ve come to value our gatherings and discussions for the connection and sharing of experiences and knowledge. I’m learning a gentle ease that comes with quiet. Heidi's own peacefulness permeates our gatherings and inspires me in that direction. At the same time her curiosity and knowledge help us to explore meditation and move beyond the mystery that surrounds it. Thank you so much for Satsang Meditation. 
Debra Dingsdale

I first met Heidi a number of years ago.  She touched my heart with her clear voice and wisdom but I have only truly come to cherish her through our ongoing contact and study on Skype.  I have been studying the Gita with her for several years now.  But it seems so much more as her teachings are always with me.  No matter what the focus of the particular verses we are studying, there is always a moment so intimate and personal that I think this must have been made just for me.  I grow a little every time we meet online. But it is in the weeks afterwards where the true growth happens, as I gather her teachings into my daily life.  That is the beauty of Heidi's teaching - she is not teaching us to meditate and be separate but to bring our meditation and understanding into our daily lives so that our growing awareness permeates everyone and everything we touch.
Maureen Witney

Every workshop with Heidi is enlightening!  Her ability to bring clarity to the ancient teachings of yoga and meditation is remarkable!  Not only that, her angelic voice is such a delightful experience!  It is a pleasure to make space in life to spend some time with Heidi.
— Marion (Mugs) McConnell

Heidi's warmth and love is the first thing I noticed when I joined her meditation group. The second thing was her clarity about the practice of meditation and her ability to express complex truths simply and demystify the jargon. Her chanting sessions were powerful and the singing joyous and transcending. I felt I had "come home" to a spiritual community.
— Margaret Holler

In my quest for "purpose" in my life I had attempted a meditation practice several times over the years without success. It wasn't until I met Heidi and finally understood the purpose of meditation-to realize the Self, to become one with God-that it started to come together for me. As I have continued to study with Heidi I have also come to understand that this purpose of meditation is, in fact, the purpose of my life.
— Chris Emery

Heidi, who has been my teacher for several years, has been the strongest guiding light on my path to Self Realization. She has the knowledge of Saraswati-the goddess of music and learning, the strength of Shakti-the divine female energy that overcomes all obstacles, and the commitment of Savitri-the ultimate embodiment of love.
— Medha Prabhu

I have been studying with Heidi for many years, yet each satsang with her still yields new insights. Her deep knowledge, perceptivity and understanding - not to mention her lovely music - combine to gently inspire deepening inner growth. I have come to treasure our monthly satsangs, which have continued surprisingly successfully via Skype even when Heidi is away in India.
Emily McCullum

When I started Satsang with Hirdaya a few years later, my understanding deepened and she gave me a venue for discussing, turning around ideas, getting out of the "box" of the mind. Through Satsang with Hirdaya, I now have words to describe my feelings and thoughts, I now have someone to go to with ideas that others may think are strange, to break them down and come up with an understanding. Satsang has also introduced me to a whole new family of like-minded people, each on their own path of discovery. Today, I know I am a spiritual being, in this physical body, learning the lessons of this life, moving along the path towards enlightenment. I am now able to be in this moment more often than previously, I am now able to listen to the "knowing" of my Self, which has made this life so much more enjoyable and meaningful. Thanks to Hirdaya and her skills and knowledge, I am continuing to learn and share, and I am at home, not missing anything.
Dorothy Fizzell

Heidi's natural intelligence and knowledge has been honed to a sharp edge, not only by her own interests and studies, but through her many years in India. Heidi brings her passion, joy and dedication to every satsang. She is an inspiration.
— Rosemary Mohr

It has been a pleasure to have studied with Heidi for the past few years. After each visit with her, I come back to my life with a renewed sense of purpose, clarity and peace. Her gentle, loving way honours each person she meets, encouraging the unfolding and blossoming of the Divine within themselves.
Denise de Jose

I am a better person for having shared satsangs with Heidi. Her gift of song and wisdom lifts one's soul to where it should be. I leave her beautiful person feeling blessed and refreshed.
Dariel Vogel

Meditation with Heidi brings me into such peace and awareness that carries forward into my daily life. Without her support, I am sure those challenges faced would not be as easily embraced and understood in such a non-judgmental, encompassing way. Meditation reinforces my inner serenity and keeps me in touch with my source.
Anna Mannering